Eden side Barn is a stone barn that has been retrofitted into a domestic property.

Edenside Barn, Carlisle

What happened?

Effected by the same flooding events that impacted Botcherby Community Centre, Edenside Barn is located on the banks of the River Eden. The Edenside Barn was severely affected by flooding caused during the winter 2015/16 flooding of Storms Desmond and Eva. See the images below for some of the damage that was done to the property, and the resulting effects of the flood.

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What has been done?

There has been a series of both resistance and recoverability measures installed on the building. This is to prevent water from entering the building and to manage the impact water will have if it does find a way inside, for example if the water level over tops the external barriers installed.

Resistance measures installed

It was decided that manual barriers would be suitable for the property. This included a range of manual technologies, including barriers, bungs and vent covers. We can see in the slideshow below, some of the measures that were installed on the building.

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Recoverability measures installed

In order to help further manage the impacts of flooding, the kitchen area was refitted using materials that can help to manage the impacts of water damage. This included Puustelli Miinus kitchen cupboards made of a synthesised wood product, to create a vibrant as well as flood resilient cooking area. By making some small design changes, kitchen areas can help manage the damage that would otherwise have been caused by a flood event. The images below show what the finished kitchen looked like.

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Further Information

If you are really interested in this project, please take a look at the project’s e-magazine produced as part of this showcase project.