BS 85500:2015 – Flood Resilient Construction

Another standard that will apply for flood resilience is BS 85500:2015 – Flood Resilient Construction. This standard gives flood resilience guidance for designers of properties, by advising on suitable materials and details for construction. This document is designed to help provide resilient solutions to all sources of flooding.

The main focus points of this standard are:

  • Areas on a building where flood resilience and resistance measures are applicable.
  • Reducing the impacts of flooding from various sources
  • Promoting the use of suitable materials and construction techniques

The standard was originally designed for a target audience of architects, local authorities and engineers. It is applicable to various different property scenarios of property, including retrofitting of existing properties, extensions and also new builds. More information and access to purchase this document is available online here. A free core information version of this document is available here.


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