Additional resources

Here are a range of online and downloadable resources that give additional information produced by third parties around flooding. These give a range of information about what you should do if you’re planning for a flood; how you can ensure you stay safe during a flood; how you can clean up your property following a flood; and finally, how you can protect your home or business. Please note, some of these resources may be linked to other sites.

These resources are divided into four main topic areas:

Planning for a flood

Staying safe in a flood

Recovering from a flood

How to protect your property


Planning for a flood Homeowners Guide

The Flood Hub website (flood advice for North West England)

Preparing for a flood: Guidance and Best Practice (Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum – CDOIF)

Flood plan guidance for communities and groups (Defra, Welsh Gov, NRW & EA)

Is your community at risk of flash flooding (EA)

Would your business stay afloat? A guide to preparing your business for flooding (EA)

Flooding from groundwater – practical advice to help you reduce the impact of flooding from groundwater (LGA & EA)

10 minute plan (BITC BERG)

Creating an emergency support network for seniors (American Red Cross)

How to minimise flood damage in your home (Directline Insurance)

How to reduce the damage to a flooded car (

Essential Guide to flood planning & preparation (Polygon Group)

Disaster preparedness essential infographic (Angie’s List)

Important legal documents for emergency preparedness (Just Great Lawyers)

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Staying safe in a flood

Flood warnings: What are they, and what do they do? (EA)

What to do before, during and after a flood (EA)

Disaster preparedness for pets (ASPCA)

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Recovering from a flood

Flood clean up guidance (BIFM)

How to clean up your home safely (PHE)

Understanding basic flood recovery procedures (BDMA)

Guidance on recovery from flooding: Essential information for frontline responders (PHE)

A business guide to flood resilience (Flood repairable project)


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How to protect your property

Flood protection and your property  – A guide to protecting your home (PCA)

Improving the flood performance of new buildings: Flood resilient construction (CLG & EA)

Property level flood resilience – Local authority guidance (BERG BITC)

Cost estimation for household flood resistance and resilience measures – summary of evidence (EA)

Best practice in property level protection systems – Advice for local authorities (Davies et al.)

A future flood resilient built environment (BRE)

Six steps to property level flood resilience: Guidance for property owners (SMARTeST project)

Standards for the repair of buildings following flooding (CIRIA)

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