Case Studies

Flood resistance measures and flood resilience measures can significantly reduce the levels of damage in a property. More information on the types of flood protection, is available by clicking here. This page discusses several case studies of properties that have now integrated protection measures on them, and what this has meant for the occupants.

These case studies illustrate how properties that have been flooded in the past can be adapted to incorporate flood defences to help minimise the impact of future floods.

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Edenside Barn, Carlisle

What happened? Effected by the same flooding events that impacted Botcherby Community Centre, Edenside Barn is located on the banks ...
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Botcherby Community Centre

The Botcherby Community Center in Carlisle was severely damaged in the winter 2015/16 flooding that caused a lot of damage ...
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Flood resilient repair house

BRE Flood Resilient Repair House

As a key recommendation to the Defra Roundtable for Property Level Flood Resilience, the latest demonstration house at BRE Watford ...
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Woodlands Estate, Liverpool

In Liverpool, Woodlands Estate, several properties have been severely affected by flooding in recent years. As a part of the DEFRA ...
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