Welsh Grants and Funding

This page gives a link to current Welsh flood grant funding that is available for householders and business owners living in Wales, as well as a range of additional resources that may be useful. This page includes details of the following opportunities:

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) funding

Emergency Financial Assistance Scheme

Additional resources


 Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI)

RABI are a UK based welfare charity aimed at improving the live of farmers and their families across the country. They can provide financial and guidance support for farmers who have been impacted by flooding in recent years. RABI’s help in a crisis page gives more details about ways they may be able to help. RABI paid out over £31,000 in a single month in grant funding to assist farmers following the devastation of winter flooding in 2015.

If you are a farmer and have been affected by flooding visit RABI’s website and see their ‘how to apply for help‘ page for further information.

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Emergency Financial Assistance Scheme

Formally known as the Bellwin Scheme, this financial assistance scheme is discretionary and gives financial assistance to Local authorities as well as police and fire services. This gives maximum eligibility of an additional 0.2% to these authorities based on revenue budget for each. The Welsh government have created this document to outline the available costs to each authority.

This scheme also has a guidance document which is available here. This gives further details about  qualifying expenditure and non-qualifying expenditure for the funding, as well as the notification procedure of an event. For more information on this Welsh flood grant funding opportunities please click here.

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 Additional resources

You may be entitled to additional funding from various independent charities. For more advice on this, please visit the Turn2Us website. A link to this is available here.

If you are concerned about a lack of housing as a result of flooding, Shelter Cymru’s website may prove useful.

You can also always contact the citizens advice bureau too for additional advice. The Welsh section of the website may be able to confirm any additional details you are unsure about. You can access their website here.

The Red Cross Charity’s website also gives an array of information for support in an emergency.

Forage Aid may also be able to help if you are a farmer who has been flooded. You can contact them by clicking here.

Farmers in England and Wales may also be able to find assistance through the Addington Fund if affected by flooding events. This is through their Trustee’s Discretionary Fund which assesses applications on a case by case basis. To see if you could get funding to support your farm either call the Addington Fund on 01926 620135 or emailing our grants department at [email protected].

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 If you have further information regarding flood grant funding in Wales, please contact us at [email protected].


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