Property Flood Resilience Training for Surveyors

Developed by the Property Care Association (PCA), this training course for surveyors, involves four interactive tutorial sessions which are delivered across a period of two days. At the end of each session students will have to take on individual and group tasks, which incorporate practical exercises and problem solving.

For example, assessing an example property for its suitability for a flood resilience strategy, completing householder profiles and designing a flood resistance/resilience scheme for a sample building.

The training and tasks will involve real world scenarios, created to expand the understanding of the topics and to encourage delegates to share ideas with the other students.

What is involved?

A variety of essential topics are covered, including:

  • Exploring the history of flood resistance and resilience and how it can be delivered to existing buildings.
  • Examining the different sources of flooding and explain how flood risk determines the selection of flood resilience strategies.
  • Recognising the importance of occupier liaison to understand how their needs and expectations will help to ensure that the best flood resilience solutions are delivered.
  • Understanding the different characteristics of common building materials used in construction and understand how they inform the specification and effectiveness of flood resilience strategies.
  • Recognising that a variety of flood resistance and resilience measures are available and understand how these can be used and adopted to provide resistance and resilience in a range of scenarios.


  • Understand all the key elements that need to be considered when assessing the risk of flooding for a building and the development of strategies to provide flood resistance and resilience in existing buildings.
  • Understand the importance of liaising with homeowners, delivering on their needs and managing expectation are also essential elements of the training.
  • Gaining skills to ensure the recommended flood protection strategies are appropriate to an individual’s needs as well as being appropriate for the property and the flood risk


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