SMARTeST Project

The Smarter Resilience, Tools, Technologies and Systems (or SMARTeST) Project is aimed at drastically improving the worldwide level of flood resilient technology available. The project is a part of the EU funded FP7 (Framework Programme 7) research and technological development scheme. The list of projects under this scheme is archived online.

This project will focus on working alongside commercial enterprises and service providers in order to increase the effectiveness of current flood resilience and resistance technologies, and decrease the response time of measures by making them automatic. This will in turn have a significant positive impact on protection against pluvial and flash flooding.

This project is designed to be a “springboard” for the development of future flood resilient technologies. This includes both manual and passive measures across a range of measures in order to create holistic flood protection across Europe. The project partners come from seven different EU countries so there is a range of contexts drawn into this research.

A series of deliverable reports were produced as a part of this project. The project Reports are displayed below:

Flood Resilience Technologies

Guidance for Flood Resilience Systems

Guidance for implementation of Flood Resilience Construction, Technology and Systems

Integration of Flood Resilience Technologies, Systems and Tools

Further information on the SMARTeST project is available here.

Image: Flooded Oxford by Tejvan Pettinger | CC BY 2.0