flooding and young people

Children, Young People and Flooding: Recovery and Resilience

flooding and young people

A collaboration project between Lancaster University and Save the Children reviewed the experiences of groups of children in London-based on the impacts of flooding in 2013/14. This research was aimed at understanding the effects of major emergencies on children and young people in the UK in order for this understanding to be incorporated into the emergency evacuation process.

Their are several pressures placed on young people during these events as they see those around them under immense pressure while undergoing the ordeal themselves. This research also aimed at understanding the impact that children and young people can have on the education of their families and their own lives going forward. This impact may be both within their own families as well as within their communities.

The project was funded through the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) Urgency Scheme which is focused on delivering rapid response to key challenges faced to the UK as a result of urgent or unforeseen events.

The following video was also produced from the experiences and ideas expressed by the children:

A summary report is also available below:

Project Final Report

Image: Flood by Sergey Kochkarev | PD 1.0