Flood risk management act

The Flood Risk Management Act for Scotland

Flood risk management act

Funded through SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) and established in 2009, the Flood Risk Management Act is designed to create a more “sustainable and modern approach to flood risk management” through a staged implementation of new legislation.

This act outlines some of the key stakeholders for flood risk management within Scotland and their roles. This also highlights the resources available to manage flooding in Scotland currently available to householders.

This integrated approach has several key measures that are to be included:

  • A framework for coordination and cooperation between all organisations involved in flood risk management
  • Assessment of flood risk and preparation of flood risk management plans
  • New responsibilities for SEPA, Scottish Water and local authorities in relation to flood risk management
  • A revised, streamlined process for flood protection schemes
  • New methods to enable stakeholders and the public to contribute to managing flood risk, and;
  • A single enforcement authority for the safe operation of Scotland’s reservoirs.

The full Flood Risk Management Act can be downloaded in PDF format here.


Image: Scotland Flag Wallace Monument by Alasdair | CC BY 2.0 (resized)