Webinar – Property Flood Resilience Action Plan: how it will influence the construction industry


A webinar that was recently conducted online evaluating the Property Flood Resilience Action Plan and its impact on the construction industry. This webinar analyses the progress made by this action plan in depth and reviews the steps that are being taken to ensure that the UK can be more resilient to future flooding events.

In this property flood resilience action plan webinar the former chair of the Property Flood Resilience Roundtable. This is the group that produced the report. BRE’s CEO Dr Peter Bonfield OBE, discusses practical outcomes of the report, and how these may affect the construction industry in the future. Matt Barker and Sam Turner, task leads for Task Group 3 of this report also discuss their thoughts about the potential impact of the action plan, and answer some questions from the audience about the topics discussed.

When a flood hits homes and commercial properties, it is not only the buildings that are affected, but mostly the people, families and businesses that use those buildings to live, play and work.

The webinar continues to discuss not only the goal of the Property Flood Resilience Roundtable, but also how each work stream of this group is challenging the obstacles to industry around flood resilience. By engaging with key professional stakeholders, the Roundtable group can challenge these problems and work collaboratively to address them. This will lead to better understanding of flood resilience within the UK and to allow householders and business owners to directly understand what this will encompass and require.

If you would like to listen to a recording of this webinar, this is available online through the BRE online learning platform – bre.ac.

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