BRE Flood Resilience Awareness Training


BRE’s Flood Resilience Awareness Training was recently launched as an awareness course for flood resilience, through their online training portal This evaluates key aspects of flood risk, and how this may impact an asset manager, as well as the need for preparation for potential flooding in future. This in-depth training will discuss both the issues around flooding currently within the UK, and what you can do to ensure that you have recognised potential flood risk to your building.

By the end of the course you should fully understand what flood resilience is and how it may affect you as an asset manager or stakeholder. This course will allow you to test what you have learned and understand what steps you can take to ensure that the damage caused by a flood is minimised. This is an entry level course so no prior qualifications or knowledge is required to undertake this.

There are five key modules as a part of this training which will holistically cover everything needed to know as an asset manager.

These are:

  • Module 1: What is flood resilience?
  • Module 2: How can I find out my flood risk?
  • Module 3: What do I do if my asset floods?
  • Module 4: How can I protect my asset?
  • Module 5: Case studies

Upon completion of the BRE Flood Resilience Awareness Training course, you will receive a certificate for the completion of three hours of certified Continued Professional Development (CPD).

Full details of this course are available here. Logo