Groundwork’s Communities Prepared Programme

The Communities Prepared Programme, led by community charity, Groundwork, has been awarded a £483,109 grant from the Big Lottery Reaching Communities Fund to expand its reach over the next three years by supporting communities across the country to be better placed to respond to, and recover, from flooding and other emergencies.

This national extension of the Communities Prepared Programme is being delivered by Groundwork South in partnership with Cornwall Community Flood Forum and Cornwall College Business, with the support of the Environment Agency, other Groundwork Trusts and other organisations.

The three-year programme will develop an innovative national roll-out resource with a centralised hub and digital platform, provided through a three-tiered membership package. Working with a range of organisations, community development and training will be delivered to at least 20 new communities at risk of flooding and other emergencies, empowering over 200 volunteers. The overall aim is: to increase communities’ resilience and recovery to emergencies and their impact; for Community Champions and volunteers to take the lead within the community setting; and to become the primary resource for community emergency volunteers, sustainable for the long term.

Groundwork, in partnership with Cornwall Community Flood Forum and Cornwall College Business, and with support from the Environment Agency and other organisations, will oversee the next phase which will see a national roll-out of the programme to many more at risk communities. Central to this will be the development and launch of a hub and digital platform, featuring staff, a website, adaptable community resources, training and a train the trainer programme, advice, community development and support, and a smartphone app. These resources will be made available through a tiered membership offer, enabling communities to easily access the level of support they need.

The partnership recognises that despite the great work carried out in the pilot phase, there is a real need for the continuation of this project. More than 5 million properties in England are currently at risk of flooding, not to mention the growing number of other emergencies that local communities may have to face. The wide-ranging impacts of such events are often felt for years but, with the appropriate support and resources, volunteer wardens can bring considerable benefits to their community and play a significant role in helping to limit this.

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About Groundwork

Groundwork is a community charity that works locally and nationally to transform communities across the UK. Working for over 35 years to provide training and create jobs, reduce energy use and waste, re-connect people with nature and transform neighbourhoods.



About Cornwall Community Flood Forum

Cornwall Community Flood Forum is a community-led initiative, committed to supporting those at risk of flooding to become better prepared, raising flood awareness within Cornwall and promoting a partnership approach to flood risk management and community engagement.

About Cornwall College Business 

Cornwall College Business is the business arm of the Cornwall College Group, delivering bespoke training solutions to support skills development growth in businesses across the country.