Woodlands Estate, Liverpool

In Liverpool, Woodlands Estate, several properties have been severely affected by flooding in recent years. As a part of the DEFRA Flood Resilience Community Pathfinder Scheme, a project was established in this area to assess funding for the installation of property level protection on many of the affected houses. This scheme aimed to expand the understanding of the risk of flooding to the residents of the estate with that of predicted climate change impacts.

Many of the houses in this area were badly affected by flooding in recent years. Residents felt that insurance prices were becoming unaffordable and excesses were far too high. The main objectives of this scheme were to complete professional flood surveys on the properties and install appropriate flood resilience measures to protect these houses. The project also aimed to create the first official flood group in Liverpool, there was also drive for this group to engage with the National Flood Forum.

As a direct result of this Pathfinder project in Liverpool, 27 houses received flood resistance measures installed on their premises. This demonstrated a reduction in some insurance premiums of houses that had these measures installed too. One house that had previously been vacant due to a past flooding event is now being rented out following engagement with the landlord and encouragement to make the property more flood resilient. Secondary benefits of this project included reduced heating bills and reduced external noise levels too.

A major obstacle to this project was the amount of documentation and paperwork that required completion. Through perseverance and the assessment of best practice across the country, this was all successfully completed. Despite efforts from council officials and other residents, some property owners were suspicious and hesitant to accept the offer of these flood resilience measures on their homes. Consequently some properties unfortunately could not be granted consent to complete these surveys and install the appropriate measures. For all the properties where measures were successfully installed, residents will feel more comfortable during future flood events and will have adequate knowledge of what to do. Hopefully they will consider additional flood resilience measures and future changes to adapt their homes to cope with flooding, and educate neighbours on the risks of flooding and how to protect their properties from this.

The image below (left) show a flood angel air-brick installed on one of the properties as part of this project. Another measure that was installed as part of this project was the passive flood doors on the property shown in the image below (right). Both of these measures are flood resistance measures that will prevent water from entering the property in the event the local Netherley Brook should flood again.

liverpool PLP scheme

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