PCA Case Studies

Two homeowners in an area in Oxfordshire which was severely affected by flooding contacted a PCA FPG member for advice on solutions to protect their homes from the devastation of future flooding. Their stories are told in this video case study.

Adrian Porter from this video case study is a member of the Oxford Flood Alliance. Following flooding in 2007, a £70,000 claim was required from the insurance in order to repair the damage. This money was used to have an independent flood survey conducted on the house which suggested appropriate measures for Mr Porter to implement on the house. This included a floor and wall membrane system that links to two large sump pumps in the floor. This can remove up to 1700L per minute of flood water from the property. The result of these flood resilience measures has resulted in the house staying dry during subsequent larger flooding events.

Following assessment of their homes, appropriate solutions were installed and during subsequent periods of flooding in the area these systems were tested to the limit and functioned faultlessly, allowing the homeowners to continue to lead normal lives despite the rising floodwaters outside.

PCA flood resilience case studies demonstrate how two householders retrofitted their homes to be resilient to flood water. This is done through a video case study discussion about the specific measures that have been taken.

The increasing incidence of heavy and prolonged rainfall across the UK in recent years has led to millions of pounds of damage to properties and misery for the businesses and homeowners affected by the flooding.

There are however flood protection and resilience solutions available to help property owners protect their homes and businesses.  In order to get the right advice and to identify the most appropriate solution for a property it is important to consult specialists.  There is no one size fits all solution as each property is different.

The Property Care Association (PCA) incorporates a Flood Protection Group (FPG) which comprises experts in the field of flood protection and resilience solutions.  All FPG members meet the strict criteria in terms of technical knowledge, expertise, service and reliability required of all PCA members


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Image: Taken from the bridge – 2009 Floods by David Burton | CC BY-SA 2.0